Why choose Legacy Auto Tech ?

Steering / Suspension

Your Subaru has steering components that need periodical inspection / servicing. We check your steering / suspension systems at every oil change or as requested if you suspect something is not 100 %. This often overlooked simple step that can help you save money in the long run. Knowing what condition your steering / suspension system is in, will help to make future decisions on what needs most attention easier to understand.

Wheel Servicing

Wheel are subjected to a lot of stress due to potholes and other factors. It is a good idea to check for cracks and possible damage when ever changing tires over from winter to summer.To keep the car rolling without any vibrations we have a new Hoffman 7200S wheel balancing machine that will help to eliminate any unwanted vibration one may encounter.

Vehicle Inspection

We provide pre-purchase inspections if you are looking to get one before you make your next new or used car purchase. As part of our regular servicing we do a check over on your Subaru at every oil change that way if there are any item(s) that may require attention it will be brought up to you. Often we invite you to see your car from the same perspective we do.

OnTime Delivery

We know your Subaru is an important part of your daily routine. The time that we schedule to work on your car is so that our focus is dedicated on your vehicle’s particular point of concern. Time and resources spend are so that you get the best experience and a proper solution is provided. Having said that, scheduling for us is important.

Vital Fluids

Regular oil changes are a good start. There are times when we need to modify or be more pro active with our Subaru maintenance. Depending on the type of driving you do this may change your scheduled intervals. Put it simply fluids are inexpensive when compared to large / expensive drive train components that can fail due fluid deterioration.

Vehicle software updates

Today’s Subaru vehicles are periodically updated via software to eliminate drive ability issues. As an example certain 2012 + Impreza’s may have an extended crank after being parked for a short period of time. This problem is resolved with a software update to the ECU. We are equipped to perform these updates to various modules on your Subaru.

Wheel Alignment

This single service can help in so many ways. For starters it ensures that your car handles and performs as intended. Poor or out of specification alignment can and will damage your tires, cause increased fuel consumption, in adverse weather it can cause very sudden and unwanted or unexpected vehicle behavior. Having a proper alignment done regularly on your Subaru is a service that can not be over looked.We are equipped with a new Hoffman Geoliner 770 alignment machine to help you with your needs.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS

Your Subaru may be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. We have necessary tools and parts need to help you service this if needed. Also worth noting that there is an option of cloning your TPM sensor ID’s over to new sensors. If you were looking for new rims / tires that may be a good option as it does not require you to have them programed every time you switch from summers to winters.

Starting / Charging & Batteries

Testing battery / charging / starting system is very important. Batteries will degrade over time, and it so happens that generally it is during winter time. Being prepared and knowing what the state of your battery / charging / starting system is can help avoid you being stranded. We can test this for you with our new Snap On EECS550A tester. We can also provide you with a detailed print out that will make things easier to understand.

At Legacy Auto Tech we care about your Subaru

Some of the services we offer are listed below

Services performed are warrantied for 1 year / 20,000km, some exceptions apply.

  • Scheduled Subaru Maintenance
  • Ontario Safety Check
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Steering / Suspension Repairs
  • Oil Changes
  • Transmission / Differential Fluids
  • Modifications
  • Emission Control Repairs
  • Tire Balancing
  • TPMS Related Repairs
  • Brake Service / Replacement
  • Engine Rebuilds / Modification
  • Transmission Repairs / Replacement
  • Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections
  • Software Updates
  • Thermal Imaging Of Components